What Students Say

  • Class of 2021

    Megan Struble

    "I used both applied and theoretical math throughout the summer and, by the end, felt much more confident in my abilities. Summer research taught me to analyze data, work independently, apply the techniques I had learned in class, and present the result to an audience. These skills will last a lifetime!"

  • Class of 2020

    Jess Pomplun

    "Undergraduate research has impacted me a lot in helping guide me toward my future. It exposed me to what it actually means to be a part of a research project which is something I’ve already found myself in at graduate school. I’m much more confident and comfortable with pursuing research at the graduate level than I’d be if I hadn’t done the UR program."

  • Class of 2010

    Stephanie Schauer

    "When I entered college, I never expected to do undergraduate research in mathematics. But, I am so glad that I did, as it was one of the most memorable experiences during my time at St. Norbert College. Being able to work with the professors in a small group setting and explore mathematics with a hands-on approach made me understand that math is out there, in the real world, in places you do not always initially realize. I applied mathematics in ways I never thought imaginable and deepened my ability to persevere, reason quantitatively, make predictions, and use technology where appropriate. I know that participating in undergraduate research programs at St. Norbert College has made me grow as an individual. As a K-12 educator, I make sure my students have a conceptual understanding of mathematics so they value the importance and beauty of it from an early age."

  • Class of 2020

    Allison Gerk

    “When I first came to SNC, I did not know how large of an impact mathematics and programming would have on me. I came in solely as a biologist, but quickly fell in love with the immense capabilities and potential that UR and all programming offers. Today, I continue to marry the two fields of science and math into my research in graduate school.”
  • Class of 2019

    Josh Schill

    "Undergraduate research in Mathematics allowed me the privilege of getting my hands dirty with real published research. The challenges I faced in research were unlike any other I faced in the classroom, leading me to grow in ways I didn’t expect; I learned to think at a microscopic level and to distill intense information into conversational pieces. It was a wonderful opportunity to put my own knowledge to the test at the highest level and collaborate with others who shared a similar excitement for undergraduate research! Grappling with the world of academic research is an experience like no other!"
  • Class of 2012

    Hanqin Cai

    "The 2011 summer math project in SNC was my very first research experience and has made a profound impact on my career. The project not only built up my fundamental research skills but also inspires my graduate study after. Although my research has turned to a different direction lately, I am still benefited from the SNC summer research in many aspects."
  • Class of 2013

    Jeff LaJeunesse

    “The summer research program was my first opportunity to exercise all of the hard earned tools I had acquired in multiple years of class work. Getting to work directly with my mentor was a great way to get consistent advising and guidance, which shortened the learning feedback loop and allowed my problem solving skills to take off. The experience helped me build confidence as a researcher that propelled me through the rest of my undergraduate studies and onto graduate school.”

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